Manay Po 2 - Overload


Luzviminda Dimagiba (Cherry Pie Picache) and her three gay sons: Oscar (Polo Ravales), Orson (John Prats) and Orwell (Jiro Manio) are back! And now they want to add a new member to their outrageous family – a cute little baby to make their new home happy and complete! But babies don’t just really just fall from heaven or can be fetched from a river, so when the Dimagibas are figuring out this dilemma, Bette (Rufa Mae Quinto) - the ditzy baby maker just came right on time to provide the answer.

But along with a new family member, comes a new set of problems for the rest of the family, Luz gets insecure with her darling Gerry’s (Christian Vasquez) eccentric co- star Summer Rain (Rubi-Rubi), Adrianne (Sid Lucero) becomes jealous with Oscar’s (Polo) affection with Bette, while Orson (John) who is still hopelessly in love with Marky (Mike Tan) becomes emotionally torn when he found out Marky’s engagement. Meanwhile, Orwell (Jiro) is having identity issues and is now confused on choosing between wearing a gown and trousers. Get ready again to tag along with the family’s crazy, funny and touching episodes of their lives in Manay po 2: Overload.

Manay po also comes back with Giselle Sanchez, IC Mendoza, Charles Christianson and Jim Pebangco and trooping along are new and interesting faces such as Marco Alcaraz, Rubirubi, Alex Castro, EJ Jallorina, Andrea Torres and Paolo Rivero.

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